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Recover your fees paid on PPI*

 is a consumer financial complaints service delivered by Congruent Actuarial Limited - a leading financial risk advisory services company experienced in dealing with complex financial product and service complaints. 

Our process includes a free telephone consultation with a Technical Advisor (for up to an hour if necessary). We always carry out a risk assessment to decide whether and how we can help you further - we do not offer our services if we think your best and cheapest option is to pursue your claim yourself and if this is the case we will explain why (at no cost to you). If we are able to help further we can offer our services on a consultancy (time cost and disbursements) basis, or if you would prefer, we may be able to offer a "NO WIN - NO FEE" basis for our remuneration (see About Us - What will it cost?).

We provide an analysis, advice and representation service for the following financial product classes:

We also provide the necessary support if you entered into agreements with your Claims Management Company ("CMC") where you have paid excessive fees for the service provided.

Clients are able to track the complaint via the client portal.

* Also includes other claims management services